Monthly Archives: October 2016

In the slums of my native town, I found a human as soft as light. Despite his crooked tooth, he smiled; 
and I wonder if life was kinder to him. In all his misery, he was the epitome of gratitude, that put my essence to shame.

Memories emerge in my head and dissolve just as quickly. We’re taking a walk, someplace in Hallstatt. The city is asleep, or abandoned, I can’t recall. night is far fetched and unbearable, but it doesn’t bother us. You whisper a secret and I seal it, for eternity. We’ve left hours behind. Trees are stretched above […]

At eighteen

At eighteen I was ready to give up my life, for whatever I wanted. At eighteen life is least of your concern. At eighteen there is a lot of madness and no patience. The hunger of flight gnaws at you, demanding you to jump; to fall and grow wings on the way. At eighteen you’re […]