Monthly Archives: September 2016

I need a lighthouse. An unwavering light pointing home Someone, my ferocious waves can crash into. And return to normal.

The night is growing deeper and darker And I’m breathing poetry again A gentle drizzle fall somewhere in distance Soaking the earth While I lay here and burn.


The impulse of change grew stronger. As I sat by the flowing stream and wondered, the unsteady currents mirrored my heart, clarity rained on me like a prayer. With hushed yet heavy tone, ’surrender’ it whispered. And you’ll see horizons, you’ll witness clarity in your vision; loosen your grip and let life flow through your […]

I’m in love with the soul of things their shadow too flesh is merely flesh raw, sticky and palpable I don’t like the feel of it I don’t like tangibility Skin too, rotten with touches Impure. And memories written all over it unwashed.