I could be anyone. A painter, a madman, a middle-aged African woman from across the table, a whore from red light district Calcutta, a drowsy looking guy who served me coffee this morning, a farmer in his 70s, a religious fanatic, a cripple, an alcoholic, ghost of a dead poet, possibly Whitman if I’m lucky, a creature of infinite melancholia. I could be the person my mother thinks I am, or even half of a human I’m supposed to be, full to brim with grammatical flaws, emotional too. I could be.



  1. Be yourself, that’s the best you can be, and grow. Flowers that are left to grow of their own accord without hindrance tend to grow all the more beautiful. Those that are inhibited in anyway do not always possess the same beauty.
    Be, whoever you want to be, and that’ll be the best 🙂

  2. Rimsha A. · ·

    Thank you.

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